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There is increasing usage of mobile devices and typical media players such as VLC and windows media players. Therefore, there exists a need to avail more universally playable file extensions. However, the ARF file extension is only supported by the WebEx player. That said, it does not play in usual media players like VLC and other mobile media players. With ARF to MP4, you can quickly convert ARF files to a more playable format, MP4, at a small fee. Our solution addresses problems related to ARF to MP4 file conversion using Cloud API and Web interface approaches.

  1. 1. Create a free account with us. Use your valid email address during the sign-up process because we will send a verification link there for security purposes.
  2. 2. Upon finishing the registration process, ARF to MP4 will redirect you to your dashboard.
  3. 3. We give you a small preloaded balance to test out our functionality. You will not be charged for usage until you upgrade.
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Note: With ARFtoMP4 solutions, you can convert multiple files at once.

The WebEx player is the traditional approach used in converting ARF files to MP4. The following are the steps to follow if you want to convert an ARF file with this approach.

  1. 1. Download the WebEx player on the device with your ARF recording if you are yet to install it.
  2. 2. Open the ARF file with the installed WebEx player. Click on “Network Recording Player” then select “file”. Click “open” to upload your ARF file recording from your PC.
  3. 3. Play the file on your WebEx player. While the file is playing, tap on the “File” tab and click the “Convert” button. Select the “MP4 (MPEG-4)” file format to initiate the conversion.
  4. 4. Select the location where the converted file will be stored from the convert dialogue box that appears.
  5. 5. Click “Content Settings” for previewing purposes. This option will show you details about your file layout.
  6. 6. This step involves selecting your output quality. Click on the "video quality" tab to choose your desired quality.
  7. 7. Conclude the conversion process by tapping the “Convert immediately” button followed by “convert” to finish converting your ARF file to MP4.

Note: WebEx player can only convert one file at a time. Therefore, you must be patient with this approach.
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Pricing Plans

We offer simple, affordable and transparent pricing! Our rates are usage-based. Therefore, we won’t lock you into large, expensive contracts. As your usage increases, we trigger discounts, ensuring that you get services at a lower price. With ARF to MP4, every coin counts! We usually charge 1 point per MB. For further information about our prices, click on the pricing tab.


₹ 1000 = 1000 points


$100 = 7500 points