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ARF file extension is a WebEx recording file generated from network-based recordings such as educational conferences. ARF files do not play in usual media players like VLC, mobile phone and windows video/audio players. On the contrary, MP4 files play in all media players as long as the device supports MP4 file formats. At ARFtoMP4, we provide a digital solution to enhance the process of converting ARF file recording to a more supported format, MP4. Here are three methods of changing ARF media files to MP4.

The other two ARF file conversion methods are based on our work, and provide a modern way of converting files with ease.

1- WebEx player does not support multiple file conversion. Therefore, you must be patient with this approach.
2- ARFTOMP4 solutions are designed uniquely to support multi-file conversion.

Option 1: Our Web Interface Approach to Converting ARF Files to MP4

  1. 1. Create a free account with us. Use your valid email address during the sign-up process because we will send a verification link there for security purposes.
  2. convert arf to mp4

  3. 2. Upon finishing the registration process, ARF to MP4 will redirect you to your dashboard.

  4. 3. We will offer you a free preloaded balance worth 500 points as a welcome gift. Therefore, we will not charge you unless you upgrade for more points.

  5. 4. To upload your ARF recordings, go to the “Files” tab and click the “Add New Files” button.
  6. convert arf to mp4
    convert arf to mp4

  7. 5. Once your ARF file is fully converted to MP4 format, you can download it to the desired file destination on your computer.
  8. convert arf to mp4

Option 2: Our Cloud API Approach to Converting ARF Files to MP4 Format

API flow diagram

convert arf to mp4
Click here  Cloud API Postman Collection

  1. 1. Complete the free registration process and verify your email address.

  2. 2. Upon signing up, our website will redirect you to the dashboard. Here, you will find your API details. Besides, you can check your usage and perform various tasks on the website.
  3. convert arf to mp4

  4. 3. Similar to the web interface, we will offer you a free preloaded package worth 500 points. You can use this balance to test our functionality.

  5. 4. Call the file upload API to upload your ARF file recordings.

  6. File Upload Rest API details
    Request URL https://cloud.arftomp4.com/api/file/upload
    Request Method POST
    Request Header Authorization : [ Client_Token ]
    Request Body (form-data)
    Key Type Is Required Value
    file file Yes {absolute_file_path}
    callback text No {status_callback_url}
    Request \ Response Headers
    Key Value
    Content-Type application/json
    Response Body
    Key Type Value
    status string success / error
    msg string Success message / Error message
    data.file_id string Uploaded ARF file's unique Id
    data.file_name string Uploaded ARF file's name
    data.mp4_file_name string Uploaded ARF file's MP4 Name
    data.arf_file_location string Uploaded ARF file's s3 bucket details

  7. 5. In return, we will call your call-back URL, notifying you that your ARF files have been successfully converted to MP4.

  8. 6. Call the file download API to download your converted MP4 recordings.

  9. File Download Rest API details
    Request URL https://cloud.arftomp4.com/api/file/download
    Request Method GET
    Request Header Authorization : [ Client_Token ]
    Request Params
    Key Type Is Required Value
    mp4_file_name string Yes {mp4_file_name}
    In File Upload API response. You will get mp4_file_name
    Error Response Headers
    Key Value
    Content-Type application/json
    Error Response Body
    Key Type Value
    status string error
    msg string Error message
    Success Response Headers
    Key Value
    Content-Type video/mp4
    Content-Disposition attachment; filename="{mp4_file_name}"
    Success Response Body MP4 file will be download locally

Option 3: Conventional Way of Changing ARF File to MP4 Format

This approach involves the use of the WebEx player. To change your ARF media file to MP4 using WebEx player, follow the following steps:

  1. 1. Download & Install WebEx player on your computer.
  2. 2. Open the ARF file with the installed WebEx player. Click the “Network Recording Player” button and select “file”. Click “open” to upload your ARF file recording from your PC.
  3. 3. Play the file on your WebEx player. While the file is playing, tap on the “File” tab and click the “Convert” button. Select the “MP4 (MPEG-4)” file format to initiate the conversion.
  4. 4. Select the location where the converted file will be stored from the convert dialogue box that appears.
  5. 5. Click “Content Settings” for previewing purposes. Here, you will get detailed information regarding your file layout.
  6. 6. This step involves selecting your output quality. Click "video quality" to choose the quality of your wish.
  7. 7. Conclude the conversion process by tapping the “Convert immediately” button followed by “convert” to finish converting your ARF file to MP4.

convert arf to mp4